Visitor Registration Systems

Visitor registration systems designed and developed for New Zealand and Australian businesses by William Brandt Technology – compliant with 2016 health and safety requirements.

Visitor never signed in or out properly? Not much use in an emergency!

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Tailor made to help each unique business fulfil their health and safety obligations.

We developed a very simple computerised visitor registration systems package to sign in visitors that provides an emergency people register.

It records:

  • What visitors are in the building
  • Where they are most likely to be
  • Who they are visiting
  • What company they are from

We are happy to help any business, large or small, to find the perfect system that meets your requirements. William Brandt Technology is your one-stop-shop for all your visitor registration system needs. We can provide:

  • Visitor registration software
  • Personalised home screen
  • Touch screen tablet/computer
  • Dymo label printer and labels
  • Barcode scanner
  • Health and safety report
  • Evacuation map
  • Secure stand

The easy to use interface ensures that even the least technologically capable person will have no difficulties operating this advanced piece of technology!

Beyond providing an emergency people register, the William Brandt Technology visitor registration system is configured to send an email and/or text to the person whom the visitor is visiting. This instantly lets them know that the visitor has arrived and is waiting in reception.

Our visitor registration system eliminates the need for a receptionist which ultimately saves your company time and money!