Visitor Registration System Features

Web Based or Stand Alone Visitor Registration Software Features

Our visitor registration software can be used with or without a receptionist. 

The registration system generates a visitor label with an ID photo automatically. Notification is then sent instantly to the person receiving the visit, to let them know that the visitor has arrived.

web based visitor registration software

Make Complying With 2016 Health and Safety Laws Easy

Company Health & Safety Report

Company Evacuation Map

Customised Visitor and Contractor Reports

Email notification / SMS messaging

Return Visitor Recall

Photo Capabilities


evacuation map

Simple & Easy to Use

Easily meet your safety compliance obligations

Our visitor registration system features allow your business to easily meet compliance obligations for visitor, contractor and staff safety, evacuations and asset protection.

Unlike paper-based systems, our computerised welcome registration system provides an accurate date and time stamp of visitors and contractors. Our individualised barcoded passes have monitored expiry dates and allow a fast throughput of visitors at reception.

visitor registration software automatic printed id card
visitor rego software

When a guest arrives at your business, they sign into the all in one touch screen fully integrated computer. The visitor is shown any hazards and emergency assemble points onsite. The screen includes your unique safety information and is customised to the liking of your business.


An email and text notification are then sent to the person receiving the visitor.
After the visit, your guest can easily sign out by simply scanning their ID card.

How it helps:

If theres an earthquake, a fire, or any other emergency and you building needs to be evacuated, you have the ability to remotely access the emergency list from the car park via either tablet / ipad / iphone and find out the following details:

  • Visitor name
  • Company they are from
  • Who they are visiting

Using this information, you can work out where a visitor would be in the building if they have failed to make it out. This gives you the ability to help save potentially dangerous situations.