Visitor Registration Systems

Help your business to comply with the latest health and safety laws, streamline the visitor sign in process, and keep your team and guests safe.

  1. Simple and intuitive visitor registration system to sign in visitors and provide an emergency people register.
  2. Easy to use interface which ensures that even the least technologically capable will have no difficulties operating this advanced piece of technology.
  3. Tailor made for unique New Zealand and Australian businesses by William Brandt Technology.


Our Visitor Management Systems are tailor made specifically for your business.

Cloud Based

Access your visitor register remotely. See when your visitor checked in, where they're most likely to be, all without needing access to your network.

Email & Text Notifications

Once checked in, the software can automatically notify the person your visitor is seeing via email and text message.

OSH Compliant 2017

Your visitor will confirm their understanding of your emergency procedures. This includes seeing the evacuation map, and acknowleding emergency meeting points.

Photo Capabilities

The visitor rego technology can take a picture of your guest, to be displayed on their label, and remotely accessed from the clouds during emergency.

Quality Hardware

Due to our years in the business, you can be rest assured that we know what we're doing when it comes to scanners, label printers and reasonably priced labels.

Customer service

Once customised, a technician will install everything for you, make sure it works, and always be available to help with any queries.

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