Barcode printer labels (direct thermal or thermal transfer)

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William Brandt is ready to meet your labelling needs with a full range of stock blank labels for your barcode printer as well as completely pre-printed labels. With options for a variety of sizes, colours and material types, we have the perfect match for any application.

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Product Description

Thermal transfer and thermal direct label pricing

With our large selection of printers and media, you can print high quality and durable barcode, shipping, packing, laser and inkjet labels.

Thermal Direct Labels
SizeOrder CodeCore Sizes/MOQLabels per rollPrice
100mm x 200mmLH100200PH76mm core size800 labels per roll$71.20 per roll
100mm x 150mmLD100150PH76mm core size1000 labels per roll$56.00 per roll
80mm x 120mmLD080120PBX25mm core size400 labels per roll$16.65 per roll
40mm x 28mmLD04028PBDE25mm core size1000 labels per roll$7.70 per roll
38mm x 40mmLD03840PBX25mm core size1000 labels per roll$17.30 per roll
28mm x 89mmLD2889PCX25mm core size260 labels per roll$10.30 per roll
60mm x 101mmLD60101PCBX25mm core size300 labels per roll$13.35 per roll
28mm x 50mmLD2850PC25mm core size450 labels per roll$11.35 per roll
54mm x 101mmLDS054101PCMOQ 6 rolls220 labels per roll$27.90 per roll
54mm x 70mmLDS05470PCMOQ 6 rolls320 labels per roll$33.30 per roll
28mm x 89mmLD02889PCXMOQ 6 rolls260 labels per roll$21.85 per roll
25mm x 54mmLDS2554PCMOQ 6 rolls500 labels per roll$22.95 per roll
35mm x 25mm 2 acrossLD03525R2AX25mm core size2000 labels per roll$15.55 per roll
Thermal Transfer Labels
SizeOrder CodeCore SizesLabels per rollPrice
104mm x 120mm SyntheticLT104120RTSY25mm core size250 labels per roll$19.00 per roll
101mm x 73mmLT10173PZ76mm core size2000 labels per roll$44.60 per roll
89mm x 24mmLT08924PBDE25mm core size1800 labels per roll$31.84 per roll
80mm x 120mmLT080120PBE25mm core size400 labels per roll$14.95 per roll
50mm x 92mmLT05092PF76mm core size1200 labels per roll$27.20 per roll
42mm x 42mm SyntheticLT04242PF76mm core size1500 labels per roll$46.46 per roll
38mm x 40mmLT03840PBE25mm core size1000 labels per roll$16.20 per roll
31mm x 19mmLT03119RBDE25mm core size2100 labels per roll$29.50 per roll
30mm x 28mmLT03028PBDE25mm core size1500 labels per roll$14.85 per roll

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