Visitor Registration Pricing

for our very simple computerised registration system

Tired of paying big money for triplicate visitor registration books?

Try our emergency people register – for New Zealand and Australian organisations.
Sign in and welcome visitors, contractors and staff.


$29.00 /mo.

  • Visitor Sign In
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • Software Support

$65.00 /mo.

  • Visitor Sign In
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • Software Support.
  • Contractor Sign In
Professional Plus

$99.00 /mo.

  • Visitor Sign In
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • Software Support
  • Contractor Sign In
  • Staff Inductions

Why an automated visitor registrar?

Dramatically reduce your visitor back-log with a user-friendly, efficient visitor management solution. Verify your visitors & streamline the reporting.

At any time, you can access a list of the visitors in your building, including their contact details and the reason for their visit. Our visitor registration software frees up your receptionist to do other tasks. It speeds up and improves your sign in process but maintains visitor confidentiality. Plus it helps you comply with your Health and Safety obligations.

Equipment needed to run the basic Visitor Registration System

Hardware Price
Touch Screen Computer All-in-One from $1,100.00
Label Printer $159.00
Barcode Scanner $110.00

Optional Extras (Charged Once Only)

Item Price
Camera $65.00
Health & Safety Report $200.00
Evacuation Map $100.00

View all our hardware options here

Visitor Registration System can be run on any computer/screen/tablet on the basis that it has 2 USB ports and can run the FireFox browser.

Note: Hardware prices may vary.

Additional customisation charged at $150.00/hour

A complete order of a WBT Visitor Management System includes:
  • All in one POS computer with touch screen
  • Pre-loaded, personalised vistor registration software
  • Pre-loaded windows
  • Scanner and label printer
  • Installation by technician

It takes approximately 1-2 hours to customise the home or front page of the visitor registration system with your supplied artwork. The William Brandt Technology Visitor Registration Pricing can be supplied with options that contain Contractors and Staff – see both Professional Pricing Plans above.

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