Scanner and Label Printer – Avery Dennison Pathfinder Ultra

Scan, Print & Apply One Piece.


Product Description

A scanner and label printer.

By combining the processes of scanning, printing and applying into a unique one-piece handheld solution, the Monarch® Pathfinder® Ultra® Platinum printer helps you significantly reduce the labor hours spent on your most common marking applications. Most customers report cutting marking time by 33-50%!

  • Markdowns/markups
  • Receiving
  • Store transfers
  • Replacement tags
  • Item marking
  • Remarking And More!

The one-piece Monarch Pathfinder Ultra Platinum printer is recognized for its unique ability to:

  • Increase productivity by automating manual information transfers and decreasing marking and remarking time
  • Improve accuracy by eliminating key entry errors
  • Save money through enhanced productivity in four key functions: scan, data lookup, print and apply Scan, Print & Apply One Piece Monarch® Pathfi nder® Ultra® Platinum 6039TM Printer
  • Increase sales by helping you accomplish your marking tasks quickly so merchandise is ready to move

The Monarch Pathfinder Ultra Silver 6032 printer combines a keyboard, scanner (optional), and a label printer applicator into a unique one-piece design that enhances your productivty for many labeling functions. Retailers and manufacturers will find the Pathfinder perfect for item labeling and markdown applications!

You can scan or key enter data, and bring the printer to the right merchandise (not visa versa). In addition, one handed print and apply capabilities provide significant advantage.

The Avery Dennison Pathfinder 6057 is an intelligent, one-piece scan, print and apply price management solution. This unique tool enables apparel retailers to accelerate their price marking tasks with increased accuracy, allowing associates to spend more time helping customers.

Pathfinder 6140 Printer
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Monarch 6039 Pathfinder Ultra Platinum Printer (pdf)

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