Automated Date Coding Printer – Avery Dennison 9417

Designed for worry-free compliance to food safety labeling standards


Product Description

This automated date coding printer is engineered for accurate, legible and highly detailed food item labeling applications such as:

  • Prepared’ and ‘Use By’ date/time listings
  • Ingredient or nutritional data
  • Employee identification

The FreshMarx 9417 comes with 500MB of internal storage space, one of the largest capacity solutions on the market today, enabling speed, complex graphic display and multiple language capability.


Protect Your Customers and Business through Improved Food Labeling Precision and Accuracy

  • End mistakes in manual shelf life calculations that put your customers at risk
  • Eliminate health code violations caused by illegible handwriting
  • Reduce spoilage and food inventory costs
  • Ensure labeling consistency throughout your kitchen processes across multiple locations
  • Protect precious food quality data, even during power outages
  • Password protect employee labeling capability and enable tracking of all jobs*

Fresh Food Faster

Prepare food quickly by eliminating the need for employees to:

  • Identify fresh inventory due to clear and accurate labeling
  • Reference shelf life charts and manually calculate expiration time/dates
  • Note the time/date and handwrite information on inventory

Two-label printing capability in multiple widths, also allows for greater food labeling and supply choice.

Easy-to-Use, Ready-to-Use, Scalable

  • Out-of-the box network ready to interface to your existing infrastructure
  • Easily programmed for menu changes, ingredient or nutritional data with over 480 product options as standard with the ability to add more
  • Clear, crisp moisture and heat resistant color-coded display speeds accurate visual recognition
  • Auto feed simplifies label loading
  • Operator screens are dual language programmable for worldwide adaptability**
  • Built in Ethernet and USB (type A/B) connection ports allow for network connectivity and/or optional interfacing with other kitchen hardware suchas scales or scanners.
  • Built-in wall-mountable features saves precious kitchen space

Keep Your Employees Safe

  • Tear bars are covered, keeping fingers safe from cuts
  • All wires are packed neatly inside the printer; no exposed wires that might pose a fire hazard
  • Printheads and components are sealed to prevent moisture damage

*All prices exclude GST and freight.