Price Guns and Attachers

Handheld price guns, attachers, tagging guns or hand held labellers provide a quick way to apply retail price tags to a wide selection of products.

Proud distributors of the Avery Dennison Monarch handheld price  guns and tag attachers.

Competitor Price Comparison – One Line Price Marker Gun & Labels*

Prices as at August 2016.

WBTQuik StikMeto
Pricing Gun
Includes 5000 Labels & Ink Roller
Pricing Gun
Includes 4000 Labels & Ink Roller
Pricing Gun
No Labels
Labels 20x10mm
$4.68 per 1000
Labels 22x12
$4.53 per 1000
Labels 18x11mm
$4.35 per 1000

Competitor Price Comparison – Two Line Pricing Gun & Labels*

WBTQuik StikMeto
Pricing Gun
Includes 3200 Labels & Ink Roller
Pricing Gun
Includes 2800 Labels & Ink Roller
Pricing Gun
No Labels
Labels 20x17mm
$6.05 per 1000
Labels 23x16mm
$7.60 per 1000
Labels 22x16mm
$10.06 per 1000

Competitor Price Comparison – Ink Roller*

WBTQuik StikMeto

All our packets of labels include an Ink Roller to ensure Crisp Legible Print

*All prices exclude GST.

Handy labelling systems for industrial and retail use  – date, price mark or code anything in reach.

From industrial freezers to a shop floor, we have handheld labellers for all operating environments. Our range of price mark labellers can print anything from one to four lines of information and labels are easy to load. Furthermore, they are lightweight to strong for heavy industrial or retail use.

The Monarch range of pricing guns is robust, durable and holds more labels than its competitors. As a result, less time is spent reloading labels.

We can provide custom labels, printed with your store name/logo. As a result, they continue to advertise your business long after the sale is complete. These labels therefore remind customers where they bought their item and this, leads them back for repeat business. Complement your price tickets and graphic tags with the selection of tools and fasteners for garment tagging. Quickly and securely attaches brand message, price, size and/or bar code information.


Eliminate confusion over item prices and make the checkout process easier for customers and employees.

What is a Tag Attacher…
A tag attacher is a tool used to attach price tags to products that are for sale. Typically, this device is used to attach a paper or cardboard price tag to a piece of clothing by forcing a plastic fastener through a hole in the price tag and through the clothing. This does not cause damage to the clothing, yet it keeps the price tag firmly in place.

These items are available ex stock for immediate delivery or collection.

N.B. All prices for Handheld Price Guns and Attachers are exclusive of GST and freight.