Monarch 1131 Handheld Pricing Gun Labeller from Avery Dennison

$ 149.00

The Monarch® 1131 Handheld Labeller prints easy to read labels for pricing, promotional and date tracking your products. It offers second to none durability and prints up to 8 characters. It is fast, economical & easy to use.

  • Intro package: 1x 1131 labeller, 5000 labels & ink roller. Save over 15%
  • Brand: Monarch 1131 from Avery Dennison
  • Availability: in stock
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Avery Dennison Monarch 1131 1 Line Handheld Pricing Gun Labeller

Intro Package - Limited Offer Only

Package includes all you need for time-saving, efficient marking and remarking:

  • 1x Labeller 1131
  • 5000 labels
  • Free Ink Roller
Save Over 15%
Just open up and get started! ONLY $149.00

Product Description

This product’s ability to efficiently create high-quality labels makes it a must have for any manufacturer or retailer that needs to create a high volume of labels in a short amount of time.

  • Increased productivity-less downtime, less waste
  • Prints 8 characters on one line
  • Use for date coding, unit and case pricing
  • Improved productivity with more labels per roll
  • Fast, easy labelling capabilities
  • Maintenance-free design
  • Prints crisp, clear labels for excellent legibility and reduced errors
  • Easy 1-2-3 label loading! Loads in seconds - watch How to Load A Monarch 1131 Price Gun
  • Easy, fast trouble-shooting... open 'total view' access to inside
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Drop tested for assured durability

Because the label gun hold up to 2,500 labels, you’ll spend less time loading your 1 Line Handheld Pricing Gun Labeller and more time pricing–get product to the selling floor fast. With the easy-to-load design, there’s very minimal label waste and less time needed to load–on average 75% less time compared to other handheld labellers. You’ll spend less time training personnel on how to load the 1 Line Labeller too! The ink rollers are equally as easy to change. The snap-in/pop-out design alleviates messy ink–no clean up needed, no ink on you or your merchandise.
The Monarch® 1131® 1 Line Labeller is lightweight and fits comfortably in your hand. Simply dial the characters you wish to print, then click and stick the label to your product.
Monarch® Labellers print clear concise characters that are crisp and easy-to-read by both your customers and sales associates. Each pack of labels contain a free ink roller. Labels are protected within the 1 Line Labeller by a protective cover that features a viewing window to manage label usage.
Because the Monarch® 1131® Labellers has fewer moving parts you can depend on them to be there when you need them. We haven’t just made the parts better, the ABS plastic used in our Handheld Pricing Gun Labellers is super durable. Tested and shown to withstand multiple impacts from being dropped to the floor. If you want a 1 Line Labeller that is made to last, buy the Monarch® Brand! The perfect product for people looking for an affordable pricing gun that is easy to use. The price gun’s total-view access gives users the ability to easily load and print labels.

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