William Brandt Technology

A recognised New Zealand leader in labelling, printing, bar coding and automatic data collection.

About Us

William Brandt Technology sources from the global market and operates exclusive New Zealand distributorships.

Key senior staff are shareholders in the company, and therefore are involved in, and committed to, its sustained success. Our team are committed to ensuring that everything we sell works as planned and delivers to expectation. Customers have direct access to them, rather than a recording. Mobile numbers or no-restriction, free-call numbers are listed for this reason. Don't hesitate to call.

The company has earned its position through a commitment to customer support, innovative solution development, quality products and competitive pricing.

William Brandt Technology distributes on behalf of Avery Dennison, including its Monarch division, the world leader in handheld labelling guns and retail business information services. Our relationship with Avery Dennison has its origins in the 1970s.

Working with Avery Dennison, William Brandt Technology is highly effective in developing customised technology solutions that can be coupled with bar coding and RFID.

In recent times William Brandt Technology has also developed, refined, and introduced a new, state-of-the-art Visitor Registration System. It is now in use by many Australian and New Zealand organisations. The system is achieving recognition as a user-friendly, effective, and economic replacement for the traditional 'visitor register book'. It delivers significant additional benefits in terms of resource management and regulatory compliance.

As of 2017, we are also proud distributors of the Kiaro!, a full colour in-house label printer, by QuickLabel. When it comes to short runs of labels, the Kiaro! can't be beat. It is unmatched in terms of print speed and quality of print. With the Kiaro! you will never have to worry about excess, pre-printed, label stock again.

What we're great at:

Monarch Price Label Guns

Quickly and easily label your date or price mark your products with durable handheld labellers.

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Barcode Printers & Scanners

Barcode Scanners for every business size, application and print volume. Automate your business today!

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Visitor Registration Systems

Developed to comply with 2018 Health & Safety legislations, without the nonsense.

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QuickLabel Colour Label Printers

Forget MOQ's and pre-printed labels. Economically print your own short runs of labels in house.

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Our Team

We are a team of professionals, dedicated to our loyal customer base.


Derek Brandt

Derek has a comprehensive career history in the sector including launching Monarch in New Zealand in 1983. He's a keen sportsman, adventurer, and family man, with very useful, relevant experience across a wide section of New Zealand business.

Ph: 021 923 663

Email: derek@williambrandt.co.nz

Accounts & Office Management

Gaylene Norwood

Gaylene has been a key executive of the group for over thirty years. She started with the organisatin as the Monarch brand was being established. She rapidly became an immensely valuable team member and is the bright, vivacious voice of the company that many customers have come to recognise.

Ph: 0800 90 91 92

Ph: 09 274 5452

Email: gaylene@williambrandt.co.nz

Technical Support

Wiremu (Woody) Campbell

Woody has been providing technical support for customers since the early 1990s. Woody is a descendant of the pioneering Logan Campbell family. He's IT trained courtesy of Unitec and has outstanding product knowledge available to customers. He's a former league and athletic star and continues to enjoy softball, soccer, skiing, and competitive golf. Woody is the proud father of twins.

Ph: 027 274 6007

Email: woody@williambrandt.co.nz

QuickLabel & Web Development

Bertie Brandt

Bertie graduated from the University of Auckland 2 years ago with a double major arts degree in Criminology and Spanish. After having taught English in Spain for a year, he now works in sales, and IT at William Brandt Technology. He's a hardworking young man who has taught himself online marketing including SEO and SEM, as well as how to create a website on both Wordpress and Bootstrap 3, all in a short period of time. Bertie designed and developed this website himself.

Ph: 021 183 9804

Email: bertie@williambrandt.co.nz

Technology & Systems Development

Tariq Bader

Tariq, a certified Microsoft Systems Engineer, worked for the World Bank and United Nations before moving to New Zealand in 1999. Since joining William Brandt Technology in 2012, Tariq has been responsible for IT integration and has designed and developed William Brandt's Visitor Management System and comprehensive IT service offers. Should you be operating an older version of Microsoft, Tariq can help you find the most economic way to get modernised. This also applies to servers and broadband speed.

Ph: 0800 90 91 92

Email: barcode@williambrandt.co.nz

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