William Brandt Technology New Zealand

  • Leading brands of pricing guns, labelling, barcode scanning and thermal printing equipment.

  • Exclusive New Zealand distributor for Avery Dennison Retail Branding Information Systems.

  • The William Brandt Technology Visitor Registration System.

  • 100% New Zealand owned and operated.


William Brandt Technology sources its products from the global market and operates exclusive New Zealand distributorships. This includes the Avery Dennison Monarch division –

The world leader in handheld pricing gun labellers.

As a result, you can trust that we stock only the best quality products.

The team at William Brandt Technology are committed to ensuring that everything we sell works. Our technicians are therefore more than capable of fixing pricing guns, printers or anything else that may go wrong with our product range. However, perhaps most noteworthy is that –

Customers can easily contact our employees through phone and email without the annoyance of a recording.

Furthermore, WBT is a New Zealand leader in barcoding and automatic data collection. William Brandt has been selling barcode products since 1990. We have a reliable history in supplying handheld price gun labellers, barcode scanners and thermal printers to New Zealand and Australian businesses.

Call on 0800 90 91 92 to check out our great ranges of labelling, barcode scanning and thermal printing products for business.

We have also developed a state of the art Visitor Registration System, a user-friendly, effective and economic replacement for the traditional ‘visitor register book’. Find out more…

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